We strive to enrich the education of every student

The Ben Franklin PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a nonprofit organization that supports our students, teachers, and staff through enrichment programs, events, and financial grants.  We are affiliated with the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) which advocates for the education, health, welfare, and safety of all children in Washington State.

Join the PTA Board

Please help us rebuild the Ben Franklin community that we have been missing over the last year!  We want your input on supporting our students and teachers.  Join other fellow parents in having an impact by volunteering for one of our many board or committee positions.

There are many options, and they vary in time commitment. Board positions span the school year, but many committee positions do not require a full year commitment; they are tied to a specific activity or event. We promise you will have fun, meet new people, and there's a lot of a support to help you!  Click here to read more about each role on the PTA and how it impacts Franklin students. Let us know via email if you're interested!

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What does the PTA do?

Each year we raise funds for events, programs, and financial grants that are not covered by local and state funding. Here’s just a few things covered by the Ben Franklin PTA:   


  • Virtual learning supplies
  • Lap tops for the Learning Center
  • Gaga ball pit
  • Virtual field trips 
  • Computer cart (with charging) for the library
  • Standing desks for 5th graders
  • iPads and durable cases for the learning center
  • Die cuts in the copy room (for bulletin board décor and lettering)
  • Sensory Path in the hallway by the main office
  • Basketball hoop for all abilities
  • A thermometer for the health room
  • Emergency clothing for accidents
  • Clay for art projects
  • Art supplies for the Art Docent program
  • Cold & Flu supplies for classrooms
  • Teacher budgets for classroom supplies
  • PE Supplies
  • Music supplies 
  • And so much more!


Please join us and make a difference in the lives of all students at Franklin!