International Night - November 16 2023, 5:30-7:30pm

The PTA is excited to announce that International Night will be held on November 16 from 5:30-7:30pm. This is a favorite event for Franklin families and always a lot of fun. Please join us in celebrating the international diversity of our school. 

Q: What is International Night? 
A: A free, fun-filled event for the whole family to celebrate the many and varied backgrounds of our students, to teach our students a little about other countries and cultures from around the world, and provide an opportunity for our families to connect and learn a little about one another. 

Q: What does International Night look like? 
A: Students and their families set up tables to represent their country of origin, and our students and families walk from table to table, sampling food and looking at artifacts, posters, maps and flags to learn more about that country. There may be art and craft activities, games, etc depending on what each country representative decides to do. There will be performances too, and a parade showing off clothing and items from different countries.

We will start the evening in the new gym at 5:30pm with cultural performances by our students and/or their families, as well as a parade showcasing the national dress of our students and their families and/or items from their countries. Then we will move to the old gym around 6:15pm to explore the different country tables set up by our families.

Q: Does the PTA provide anything to help me set up a table? 
A: The PTA will provide plastic gloves/small plates/small bowls/silverware/napkins/etc, for food items as well as tables, tablecloths, tape, string, and the like. Funds are available for families volunteering to host a table. You'll receive information about this once you've registered. If you would like to sign up for a country but you already see it listed, please email us at and we'll connect you so you can work together.

Q: How do I sign up to host a table or help with the event? 
A: As you can imagine, events of this size cannot be run without a lot of volunteers. Please consider signing up to volunteer. There are a lot of different ways in which you can help.


Q: How do I sign up to perform or participate in the parade?
A: Students and/or parents are invited to perform and be in the parade. SIGN UP HERE:

Q: When do I need to commit to hosting a table? 
A: For our planning purposes, we need to know the number of tables at least a week prior, so by November 10.  

Q: I’m hosting a table, do I need to dress up? 
A: Wearing attire representing your country is encouraged but definitely not required. 

Q: What if I’m from a country where I know there are a lot of other folks from? 
A: We can connect you if you’d like to work together, or you can host your own table. The more the merrier! Just use the comment section on the Sign Up Genius to indicate your preference. 

Q: Which countries have been represented in the past? 
A: We had tables from India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Egypt, France, Ukraine, Iran, China, the Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Greece and more. We would love to see as many nations as possible represented this year.