Franklin Math Challenge

The 2020 - 2021 Math Challenge is now closed. Math Challenge is a free math enrichment program for all Ben Franklin Elementary students, no registration is necessary! There were 15 sets of challenges published approximately every other week throughout the school year, each with 10-18 problems ordered by level of difficulty.  Click here to learn more about the program.

We would like to congratulate the Franklin Eagles who participated in the Math Challenge enrichment program this year. This program encourages students to grow their confidence in math while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills, and we are pleased to have offered this opportunity again this school year. Well done on your efforts, Eagles!

  • Prakrithi Karthik
  • Jinfan Li
  • Alex Zong
  • Zayn Zayeem
  • Christopher Wu
  • Esha Chaka
  • Sahan Gimmulur
  • Mira Erdim
  • Duru Ussakli
  • Raagathanmayee Vamsi
  • Miles Lu
  • Mishikaa Judun
  • Victoria Osadchuk
  • Alana Wu
  • Rochelle Pawar
  • Aarush Patel

We would also like to give special recognition to the following students for completing the most challenges during the year! They will each receive a Franklin Eagles t-shirt to celebrate their achievement.

  • Prakrithi Karthik
  • Jinfan Li
  • Mishika Judun
  • Sahan Gimmulur