Standing Rules


Standing Rules 

Standing Rules for Ben Franklin PTA 
Approved: September 9, 2022.  


1. The name of the unit shall be Ben Franklin PTA. The local unit number is 2.8.15. 

2. This unit is a non-profit corporation recognized by the State of Washington on November 1, 1977, and amended on January 1, 1988. It is the responsibility of this unit to annually renew the Articles of Incorporation prior to November 30. The corporation number is 1279662 and the amended number is 2-279662-7. 

3. This unit’s Employer Identification Number is available upon request. 

4. This unit was recognized by the IRS as a non-profit, tax exempt organization on April 21, 1986, under section 501(c)(4). Amended June 15, 1998 to become an organization qualifying for tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3). Washington State PTA will be this unit’s registered agent. 

5. This unit shall keep at least two copies of each of its legal documents in two separate locations. One copy in the PTA Office at Ben Franklin Elementary School, and one copy with the current Treasurer. 

Meetings, Members, Voting and Membership Fees: 

6. Board meetings of this unit will be held monthly, with at least ten (10) days notification. Meeting in-person is the preferred manner of conducting business; however, when circumstances prevent in-person meetings long enough to impede accomplishing essential Board business, alternative methods of meeting (conference call, online platforms, ie, virtual meetings) may be used. A virtual meeting is considered a live meeting as long as all participants can hear everyone and speak/express themselves in real time. Voice votes can be taken in live meetings. 

7. A quorum for BOD meetings will be half plus one more than the number of elected officers. 

8. There shall be at least three General Membership (GM) meetings during the year. Meeting in-person is the preferred manner of conducting business; however, when circumstances prevent in-person meetings long enough to impede accomplishing essential General Membership business, alternative methods of meeting (conference call, online platforms, ie, virtual meetings) may be used. A virtual meeting is considered a live meeting as long as all participants can hear everyone and speak/express themselves in real time. Voice votes can be taken in live meetings. 

9. Special GM meetings may be called with at least 5 days’ notice and special Board of Directors meetings may also be called with at least 5 days’ notice. Members will be notified via email to the addresses on file. 

10. A special GM meeting will only be called according to Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, Article V, and Sec. 10. 

11. A quorum for GM meetings will be ten members. 

12. Motions made on the floor (during the meeting) will be put in writing for the Secretary to include in the minutes. 

13. The vote for this unit for the Region 2 director shall be by Executive Committee action. 

14. Principal and Teacher Rep attend Board meetings in an advisory capacity. They do not get a vote. 

15. The students of Ben Franklin Elementary School shall be considered honorary members of this unit without voice, vote or privilege of holding office. 

16. Teacher representatives for the PTA must be members of our unit. 

17. Voting delegates to the Lake Washington PTSA Council shall be a President and three authorized delegates. Article IV section 1 in the Council bylaws. 

18. Any individual supporting the Mission and Goals of Ben Franklin PTA may become a member by paying the membership fee. Each member in good standing will be entitled to a voice and one vote on matter of business in a General Membership Meeting. 

19. The membership fee of this unit will be $15.00 per individual, or $25.00 per couple. This fee is determined by the Board and is subject to review annually. 

Nominating Committee: 

20. The Nominating Committee shall be elected according to the Bylaws, Article V, and Section 5(a). It shall comply with all duties of a nominating committee as stated in the WSPTA Bylaws. The Nominating Committee can have up to 3 voting members and will report to the GM at least 15 days prior to the last GM meeting (May or June) at which election is held. Officers of the Board: 

21. Any elected position, may be held jointly by two people. Such ‘co-positions’ are still both required to attend meetings and each person will get a vote. 

22. The Board of Directors (BOD) will consist of the Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and the following Vice Presidents: These positions will be elected officers on the Board. a. Education b. Communications c. Fundraising d. After School Enrichment e. Health & Wellness f. Special Events g. School Services 

23. Vice Presidents will serve as liaisons between their committees and the PTA Board. 

24. All elected officers and committee chairpersons must be current PTA members. 

25. An office shall be declared vacant if an officer is absent three consecutive meetings, unless previously excused by the President as specified in the Bylaws, Article V, Section 7. 

26. Officers shall assume duties on July 1st. Each term is for one year. No person shall serve in the same office for more than two consecutive terms. 

27. The Ben Franklin PTA shall comply with all duties outlined in the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement in order to remain a PTA in good standing. The President is responsible for filing this form yearly, no later than October 31st. 

28. All PTA Board officers shall execute the duties of their offices as described in the WSPTA Uniform By-laws, Section 7. 

Fiduciary Responsibilities: 

29. Reallocations of money may be done with a BOD majority vote, for up to a $1,000 per budgeted line, $3000 aggregate. Reallocations over $1000 for a single line, $3000 aggregate require approval of the general membership. If there is an expense that is not in the budget, the general membership must amend the budget. 

30. The BOD will strive to maintain a carry forward a cash balance of unallocated reserves, or minimum of $20,000 for mission critical expense as defined by the BOD. 

31. All committee budget items $500 or over require the BOD to approve a Committee Plan of Action, before money is spent. Any new requests for funds should also be submitted with a Committee Plan of Action form that will be submitted to the GM for approval. Ultimately the Board has oversight on all funds spent within the budget. 

32. PTA cash received must be counted by two PTA members, one of which must be a Committee Chairperson or a Board Member. 

33. Personal checks may not be accepted from any person having previously submitted two (2) checks returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF checks). 

34. The PTA shall conduct both a mid-year and year-end financial review. The mid-year review occurs in February or March, and the year-end review occurs after the close of the fiscal year (June 31st). 

35. The Treasurer is responsible for completing the appropriate tax filing each year. 

36. Ben Franklin’s PTA IRS 990/990EZ form filing due date is November 15. To ensure the 990/990EZ form is filed on time, the current treasurer must provide an update in the August and September board meetings, including the detail of who will be preparing the review (plus contact info if it's a CPA). The treasurers must provide a copy of the completed 990/990EZ form by the October board meeting. 

37. Checks shall require two officers’ signatures as determined by the BOD. In the event that two or more officers from the same household hold offices in this unit, only one shall co-sign a check or binding agreement. 

38. The authorized check signers will include; Treasurer(s), President and one additional Board Member. If the Treasurer position is a co-position, only one Treasurer may co-sign a check or binding agreement. Under no circumstances may an authorized check signer, sign a check payable to themselves. 

39. All binding agreements and contracts shall require two signatures; one President and an elected Board Member.  

40. The bank statements should be opened, reviewed, and signed every month by a non-signer. For more information, see the Franklin PTA Bank Statement Review Policy. 


41. The Budget Committee will prepare a yearly budget and the Treasurer is the chair of the Budget Committee. The BOD must review the budget committee recommendations before submitting it to the General membership. General Membership must approve by June 30th each year, and be reapproved in September. The budget should support the Mission of the Ben Franklin PTA. 

42. EZ grant committee shall be created based on necessity. The committee will consist of PTA Board members, PTA members, Principal and Staff. The EZ Grant Committee will convene up to three times per year as needed. EZ Grant committee makes recommendations to the BOD for approval. General Policies: 

43. The Golden Acorn and any other awards shall be given at the Volunteer Appreciation Tea. A committee appointed by the Presidents shall select the recipient(s). 

44. The Standing Rules will be adopted annually by a majority vote at the first GM meeting of the year. 

45. The Standing Rules will be amended at any regular GM meeting by a 2/3 majority vote, or if two weeks’ notice is given, by a majority vote. 

Board rules: 

46. Passwords should be changed every summer, and when any board member with access to an account leaves the board, as specified in the Franklin PTA Password Policy. 

47. To run a raffle, bingo, or other gaming event, a Franklin PTA Board member must first get a Gambling License with the Washington State Gambling Commission. By default, this should be the board member planning the event.  

  • The gambling license must be approved ahead of time by the PTA board. The CPOA should include the license fee. 
  • Chairs are not eligible. 
  • According to PTA and the Law, copies of the license must be provided to the Secretary, Treasurer, President, plus distributed on request to any board member. 

48. If the board wants to have events with unwrapped food of any sort, including Teacher Appreciation, popcorn, or community events, we will vote in August which board members will apply for a Food Worker Card with the WA Dept of Health and take the test. By default: VP of Special Events, VP of School Support, and/or the President.